Welcome to Shiwa Finance!

A Decentralised Token born to be the King of both Ethereum Chains. https://Shiwa.Finance
This repository contains all official SHIWA project information. Please verify that any information or contact information you receive comes from our official sources.
For new team members, this space will be helpful during your first days with the team, to better learn about who we are and how we work.
SHIWA provides numerous Defi breakthrough solutions, using the SHIWA mascot as a combination between a meme hype with real blockchain utilities such as; DAO Governance options, NFTs, Nfts staking and Nft market place. Shiwa is primarily built with a focus to enable users to enjoy the advantages of a fully decentralized digital economy, and put a stop to institutionalized hierarchies.
Currently you can invest in the SHIWA token on two different blockchains, both projects coexist in an independent way.
Shiwa Ethereum ERC-20

ETH Token Contract Address:

Shiwa Token Ethereum POW

ETHW Token Contract Address: